About Marpaz Industrial Services

About Marpaz Industries

Marpaz Industrial Services was founded in the year 1987, since its establishment it has provided technologies, solutions, services and plants for industrial cleaning and waste treatment. Industries we serve include: Petro-Chemical industry, Semi-conductors, Pharmaceutical and Medical, Electric & Electronic Waste, Plastic waste, Metal Finishing etc. 



Marpaz has provided various solutions for the above industries, including:


  • PCB waste handling

  • Chemical Cleaning operations (pickling, passivation, scale removal, pre-operational boiler cleaning etc...)

  • Post Weld Heat Treatment / Stress relief heat treatment - Carbon Steel, Chrome Alloys etc...

  • General Construction for the chemical & petrochemical industry  (pipework, ducts, reactor & furnace maintenance etc...)


Through our engineering subsidiary - Miltech, the following technologies were provided:

  • Medical Waste treatment plants

  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling planst

  • Waste Tyre Pyrolysis plants (Plastic to Fuel)

  • Acid Regeneration plants for the metal finishing industries

  • Sulfuric acid & HCl regeneration plant

  • MBR Sludge treatment for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Refinery Sludge treatment for the petro-chemical industry

  • Cooling Tower blow-down recycling

  • Organo-Acidic waste treatment plant

  • MicroFiltration/UltraFiltration/R.O Units


  • Looking for a solution to waste stream? 

  • Interested in recycling raw materials?

  • Need chemical cleaning services?

  • Post Weld Heat Treatment Project?


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