Sulphuric Acid Treatment Plant

Treatment plant for spent Sulphuric Acid from the metal finishing industry
Sulphuric Acid Waste Treatment Plant
Zero Liquid Discharge

The sulphruc acid waste stream originate from a metal stripping plant. Since disposal to the local sewage system is prohibited, the plant looked for a zero liquid discharge solution to treat its entire waste stream.


Marpaz was chosen to provide a solution that consisted of a unique chemical reaction which enabled the complete precipitation of all sulphates. This allowed for a complete removal of all the waste in a solid form, whereas all theliquid was purified and recycled for further use in the plant.


The treatment process implemented to achieve the required plant’s standard for pure water included:

• 3 stage chemical reaction – a propriety process was designed to allow the complete precipitation
of sulphates (down to 10 ppm) and other heavy metal contaminants. 

• Mechanical Filtration – A large filtration array was installed to remove all solid waste from the    
waste stream. The filtration system consisted of a Filter-press to remove large solids, a
Microfiltration unit to remove fine solids and as a pre-treatment unit for an RO system, and an RO system to completely purify and recycle process water.

• Mechanical Vapor Compression Evaporation – an MVR evaporator was used in order to cost-    
effectively evaporate and recycle the water from the RO reject stream. The recovered water    
stream from the MVR system was reintroduced to the plant’s process, were-as the semi-solid
evaporator concentrate was sent for further evaporation.


Finally, solid waste was sent to landfill disposal.


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