Ammonia Waste Treatment Plant

Implementation of lime boil techniques, Theraml oxidiation and Selective Catalytic Reduction technologies.
Ammonia Waste Treatment Plant

The Ammonia Waste Treatment Plant offers a solution to waste streams that contain high concentrations of Ammonia (Ammonium salts, either Ammonium Sulphate, Ammonium Chloride etc..)


The Lime Boil Technique allows elevation of pH while avoiding the usage of costly Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic). The products of the process are gypsum/lime sludge and ammonia gas.


The Ammonia gas is then thermally oxidized to Water, Nitrogen and NOx. an SCR reactor converts the harmful NOx back into clean Nitrogen (using the ammonia waste gas as a reactant) which is discharged to the atmosphere.


The waste gypsum can be landfilled or used as a low-cost commercial gypsum.

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