Chemical Cleaning

Precomissioning and operational chemical cleaning services
Chemical Cleaning Services

Chemical cleaning is an essential step in precomissioning and maintenance of process equipment. The goal of chemical cleaning is the removal of deposits such as mill scale, welding slag and grease. Moreover, it provides surface protection against chemical corrosion and prevents metal overheating.


Chemical cleaning operations are also carried out periodically in heat exchangers, pipelines, cooling water systems, tanks, reactors and steam boilers in order to improve thermal conductivity and steam production efficiency.


Marpaz provides the most cost-effective chemical cleaning solution for any type of operation. Marpaz is Israel's leading provider of chemical cleaning services and is supported by chemical and mechanical engineers and a very experienced crew.


Among our chemical cleaning services, Marpaz has performed dozens of degreasing, pickling and passivation operations, Marpaz designs and tailors specific solutions to each case and for each particular need or concern of our clients.


Marpaz has the most advanced equipment, including:  circulation tanks, Steel/Stainless/PTFE lined pumps, boilers and heat exchangers for all applications. All equipment can be mobilized and certified for offshore and onshore use.


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